• best multimeter of 2020 DIY Hobby teardown Review

    best multimeter of 2020 DIY Hobby teardown Review
    this is a New Multimeter since 16th Sep 202. RM777 is an automatic range digital multimeter with 9999 words with a true effective value. The instrument is full-key operation with triple display.Measure AC voltage and DC voltageMeasure AC and DC currentMeasuring resistance/temperatureTest continuity and diodeMeasuring capacitance/NCVMeasuring frequency and duty cycleAnti-interference AC voltage detection it is very easy and comfortable to Grip. Here is the...
  • 2019 Newest Digital Multimeter

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    2019 Newest Digital Multimeter
    RM406B is a Fast measuring Speed Multimeter, the newest Multimeter in 2019. you can test the speed when measuring Capacitance and Resistance. very fast speed.  
  • What is multimeter?

    What is multimeter?
    Multimeters are divided into analog multimeters and digital multimeters according to the structure of meter and method of measurement.Multimeters are a kind of electric parameter measuring instrument, and also tools that are applicable to all electric occasions.In comparison with analog multimeters, digital multimeters have the merits of higher measurement accuracy, higher input impedance, and direct reading, etc.Common multimeters generally have three basic functions: current,...
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